Page Layout



Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Slider & carousel

Add Slider & carousel from Stack blocks

Carousel Custom template for Stack displayer Block let you display block in 1 slide or multiple block by slide (carousel mode). You can choose the number of block to show thanks to custom classes.

All blocks are retrieved from a Stack, everything is possible. This element is very useful for testimonials, advertisement, schedules, ...


Testimonials in three block layout

Below a simple layout with three columns and a custom class (area-primary + area-space-s) on each area. Put a stack on each columns with the custom template "Supermint Carousel" and set custom class to 1 column.

Testimonial in a Quaternary Area

Carousel mode

Below a stack with the custom template "Supermint Carousel"

Any block you want on it

The MOST POWERFUL THEME on the Marketplace — Hands Down
The MOST POWERFUL THEME on the Marketplace — Hands Down
Dec 31, 2014, CharismaBusiness
Another top theme from Sebastian ! Man, this theme has so many options, ANY website in the world could be made on this theme... no problem. The responsive version is very well built too... the layouts are responsive... great... and the best part is the mega menu... whah! Awesome... I cannot get over how cool this theme is. I bought the whole eCommerce package with all the bells and whistles, and I can truly say I have used all of them.
Innovative - Mind blowing - We used it of course...
Innovative - Mind blowing - We used it of course...
Oct 18, 2013, maar
We, Concrete5 Denmark ( decided to rebuild our site. Why? - Simply because we saw this theme. And what a building experience. We have never done a site as fast as this. Very great job.
Flexible and fun theme
Flexible and fun theme
Nov 3, 2014, tailtwister
There's a lot under the hood of this theme. So many options and features make this one of the coolest themes we've worked with! Definitely want to see more stuff like this from the author!!
My Favorite Theme
My Favorite Theme
Oct 4, 2014, jwebolution
This was my favorite theme so far. It has so many really nice feature that it's hard to remember all of them. Very pleased overall.
Jun 9, 2014, kandeweg
I love the theme, I am very impressed. Within a very short time, like 2,5 days, I have a new professional, responsive website. I love the possibilities. The demo site is a great help. Very happy woman overhere!!!
Moderate Learning Curve but Powerful and Professional
Moderate Learning Curve but Powerful and Professional
May 31, 2014, eubanksto
After purchasing, I got an email so that I could log into the demo site to see how things were done. That was amazingly helpful. I can't explain how much simpler that made things. This is a powerful theme but has a learning curve understanding how the mega-menu and nevi slider work. I would recommend it to anyone that has moderate experience with concrete5.