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This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Page customization

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Page Color

You can see in the top menu, and in some template navigation, a color that is assigned to pages. By default, the selected color is the primary theme color. You can assign colors individually for each page by changing the attribute Main Page Color

[Sc: The attribute main_page_color]

Page Icon

You can change the default icon for all pages or for each page separately.

To change the default icon applied to all pages

Go on in the theme options page in the Slide Navigation section, change the related option.

To change the icon of the pages separately:

Edit the attribute of the page in question and choose an icon with the attribute Icon From FontAwesome.


The miniature pages are used in Supermint in page-list. This file dimension are adapted as required. So no need to resize your image, the theme do it for you. To assign an image to a page, fill the Thumbnail attribute of this page with a valid image.

Background image of a page

With Supermint, it is possible to add a background image to a page. In order to have a background image, simply fill in the attribute "background page" in property page.

Background image slideshow

It is also possible to add multiple background images on a page. For this create a file set that will contain all the desired images and choose the file group with the page attribute background slider in properties of page. It might be possible to set a default file for all pages, say me if that would help.

Background slider example

Apply a preset option

If you need different options settings of all pages for a particular, simply create a page preset and apply through the attribute Supermint theme Option Preset

Multiple Main Area

It is fashionable today to have long pages composed of large colorful section. Concrete5.7 introduced Area styles, allowing to customize the appearance thereof. We do not always need this type of stacked layout, which is why I have not built a large number of office area, limiting the suffering of the database. However, you can set the number of main area for data pages by setting the attribute Number of Main Area with the desired number. You will see in edit mode the new area in which you can add content and you can customize the look.

Multiple main Area example

Colorful Sticker

Add on top of your page a small label with a very short text. This sticker will take the primary theme color as the background and the color contrast for text. It will be displayed only if the page attribute is filled. To display the sticker, fill the attribute Text for the Ribbon with a short sentence.

Sticker example

Display Mode "Boxed"

You can change the appearance of pages mode "Boxed". This displays a white background in the content, detached from the bottom of the page body. For this Boxed Set the mode in theme options in the "Layout".

Boxed layout example