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Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Theme Options

This page together options for general topics.

Here you will find all options available int the theme option page of Supermint with a explanation, type and default value (with the base preset).


For each page of the site play with these options to fine tunne design details as optionnal Area, Boxed layout, Side-bar size..

Enable responsive layout

type : toggle   default : On  id : responsive

If enabled, all layouts will be adapted for small screen. If disabled the site will be rendered as desktop on mobile & tablets

Display wide Top Area

type : toggle   default : Off  id : display_top_area

Display a Area under the logo to add some widther content

Display Top Bar

type : toggle   default : On  id : display_top_bar_area

Display zone with Logo Area, right Header content,.. Disable this for the Wide navigation style

Top Bar width size

type : select   default : Normal  id : logo_col_size

Add or remove a column for logo in the top-bar

Layout mode

type : select   default : Wide  id : layout_mode

Each page templates can be displayed in a wide or a Boxed format. Boxed format use the color 'boxed-background-color' as background

Content padding

type : select   default : Normal  id : content_padding

Add or remove space between border and content in the Main content area

Blocks templates

In this section you find options to controls Block's custom template details

Page List Options for the Built-in "Autonav" block

Display tag filtering

type : toggle   default : On  id : isotope_display_tags

Display tag filtering on templates that support this feature

Feature Options for the Built-in "Feature" block

Autonav Options for the Built-in "Autonav" block

Icon class on left of each navigation title

type : awesome   default :   id : default_nav_block_icon

Pick a icon from the FontAwesome Librairy. this icon will be used throught all autonav template

Display icon on Horizontal template

type : toggle   default : Off  id : autonav_horizontal_icon

Supermint Navigation

This section display options common for the navigation's types

Disable Auto embed navigation

type : toggle   default : Off  id : disable_embed_nav

If disabled, a global area will let you put whitch block you want for nav

Display search input in the mobile version

type : toggle   default : On  id : display_searchbox_mobile

Hidde dropdown on small screen

type : toggle   default : On  id : hidde_dropdown_small_screen

Auto hidde Mobile bar

type : toggle   default : Off  id : auto_hidde_top_bar

If enabled, the small toolbar is hidde during scroll.

Display icon on first level if available

type : toggle   default : On  id : first_level_nav_icon

If the atrtribute 'icon' is filled on a first-level page it will be displayed in the top-nav

Make regular nav FLAT

type : toggle   default : Off  id : first_level_regular_flaterize

Once enabled, this options remove all gradient and shadow from the regular type navigation. Usefull for light colors

Dropdown mode Options When the nav is in dropdown mode

Fix the navigation bar on top

type : toggle   default : Off  id : wide_navbar_fixed

If enabled, the nav bar will be fixed on top. You will need to disable the auto-embeding of navigation and placing the autonav block into the 'Responsive Navigation' Area

Dropdown multicolumns mode Options When the nav is in dropdown mode and the attribute "Display multi-columns dropdown" is activated

Multicolumns position

type : select   default : Aligned on left of the parent  id : full_width_multicolumn

Display multi-columns nav as full with or under parent

Activate the break by parent

type : toggle   default : On  id : break_columns_on_child

The number of columns is detreminated by the number of child page in second level

Large Dropdown mode Options When the navigation style is is set on "Wide Large drop-down mode"

Remove the regular place take by the naigation

type : toggle   default : Off  id : wide_navbar_colapse

This advanced option let to control when the auto-embed nav is set on off and we want to play with this navigation place.

Contains navigation width to the content width

type : toggle   default : Off  id : wide_navbar_contained

If enabled, it disable the full width feature and display navigation as large as the content

Lateral mode Options When the nav is diplayed on left

Choose the font-family for links

type : select   default :   id : lateral_nav_element_font

By choosing a element you select wich font (not size) to use for links in the navigation

Font size for links items

type : range   default : 14px  id : lateral_nav_element_size

Make links uppercase

type : toggle   default : Off  id : lateral_nav_element_uppercase

Activate the harmonize-text script

type : toggle   default : Off  id : lateral_nav_element_harmonized

This script try to harmonize title width to create a unique design. For now can display width smaller sometimes but always visible

Responsive full width mode Options When the nav showed on mobile

Display the stack 'Site Logo' on the mobile nav

type : toggle   default : On  id : display_logo_mobile_nav

If enabled the content of the stack will be displayed at left

Display the regular Area Logo on Mobile

type : toggle   default : Off  id : display_main_logo_on_mobile

If disabled, the Logo will be hidden when the mobile nav is shown

Font size for links items

type : range   default : 20px  id : full_screen_nav_font_size

Responsive Lateral Nav (mmenu) Options the autonav template is "Surpemint Mmenu"

Mega menu options

Options when a parent page display a Stack as mega-menu

Mega menu position when dropdown mode

type : select   default : Full width mega-menu with percent based columns width  id : full_width_mega

Display a mega menu as full with or under parent

Mega columns width

type : range   default : 200px  id : mega_columns_width

Columns width in pixels for mega menu when aligned to the left

Block title when exist

type : toggle   default : Off  id : display_title_mega_menu

Display the block name as title

Slide Navigation options

Options available when navigation is set on "slide" mode

Sub-page icon

type : awesome   default :   id : default_nav_icon

The icon from FontAwesome displayed on left of each sub-page

Display pane title

type : toggle   default : Off  id : display_pane_title

Display the first level page title & link on the top of each subnav panes


Options for the Footer section


CSS transitions for popup Here you can set transitions for popups

Button type for popup Here you can set type of button for popup


Activate iFrame z-index script

type : toggle   default : Off  id : fix_iframe_zindex

This script fix a iFrame z-index isue on certain condition.