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Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Site settings

This page together options for general topics.

Here you will find all options available int the theme option page of Supermint with a explanation, type and default value (with the base preset).


Choose settings for Marketplace integration

Marketplace Enabled

type : toggle

Enable marketplace integration

Marketplace Intelligent Search

type : toggle

Enable intelligent search integration

Concrete5 News

Choose settings for Concrete5 News integration

News Overlay

type : toggle

Display an overlay with up-to-date news from concrete5 once per day

Concrete5 News

type : toggle

Enable concrete5 news within your site

white Label

Personalize the CMS itself

Concrete5 Name

type : text

The name of the CMS


A section for miscalenous settings

Default jpeg image compression

type : range

This setting allow you to control the quality of thumbnails generated by Concrete5. Big valu create nice image but slow loading