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Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Options preset


All options presented in the three-page dashboard for Supermint options are saved in the database, grouped into presets. Each preset therefore contains general options of the theme, the sliders, fonts, ..

The choice of presets available is displayed on the top left, in each page of options. When you save a page of options, they will only be saved in the preset THAT displayed on the top left.

Manage Presets

On the Theme presets page, you can create, duplicate, delete, rename, export presets. The page is intuitive just try.

Apply presets to pages

Sometimes we need a site that some pages have different appearance. For this we can create different preset, set one for the whole site and apply another certain pages.

  • To set a preset for the whole site, just click on the button "Set as Default".
  • To apply a preset on a page only, go to the property page and set the attribute Supermint Preset Option.