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Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Options framework

Supermint is powered by a unique options system that let you customize many different part of the theme without any code

Exclusive Feature on MCL Themes

Theme customization from Concrete5 is great but have some limitation. To get around these limitations, Supermint comes with three important options pages you will find under:

These options are saved as presets, which are "collections" of options. These presets can be applied to certain pages or the entire site, which is very convenient to have different aparence the site.

The Theme Options page.

This page together options for general topics.

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Site Settings

Take the controls of your concret5 installation with labels and other backgrounds changes

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Slider option page

This page let you make fine tunings on different custom template that is slider or carousels

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Fonts options page

Here you will set all font family from 600+ Google fonts, font size, font variant used into the site. This is a super powerful feature easy to play with.

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Preset page

Here is the place to manages Presets. Add, rename, remove, set as global, export, import, ... All are here.

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