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Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint


Blocks embed with the themes and blocks from the CMS with custom templates

You may have noticed that there is no tons of block-type in the Supermint package and in the same time you have noticed that Supermint is the theme that contains the largest number of feature ... Where is the error?

That's simple:

Themes sold with ten blocks, once installed, just overload the sidebar until losing any legibility and fun to use, so With Supermint all generally available functionality through standard block are integrated with existing type-block via the Custom template or other system such as clips. Everything is easier and the race to the largest number of standard block becomes accidental.
Many custom templates for many blocks are available with supermint. They allow to fully integrate the CMS functionality to Supermint and especially to enrich the display functionality. Available are templates for blocks such as page list, Autonav, Image block, Image slider, FAQ, ...

You've never heard of block models ? go here


Carousel, Sliders, Portfolio, Filtering.. Endless possibilities with page-list templates !


Different templates for the autonav block


All custom templates and classes for the built-in image block

Image slider

Use custom templates to display image slider in different way


Multiples custom templates for the feature block

Pie chart

Create highly customizable, very easy to implement and responsive pie chart to impress your audience.


Supermint can display Frequently asked question as a accordion.


Supermint offer great templates for the built-in testimonial block

All others ...

All other built-in block of Concrete5 that Supermint support