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Edit colors

This is only a small part of customizable colors present in supermint

Last Starting points

Supermint offer a constantly growing list of Starting point to let you start where you really need

Small List from all Features included with supermint


Add different style of buttons in your content like a breeze.


Create tabs from stacks block.

Image Background & slider

With Supermint, it is possible to add a background image to a page.


Add different type of alerts in your content.


Create accordions from stacks block.

Slider & carousel

Add Slider & carousel from Stack blocks

Multiple Main Area

Take the control to set the number of main area for pages


Add icons where you want

Popup - Modal

A unique feature that show block from a button to a modal window

Colorful Sticker

Add a ribbon to your page, fun and pretty

Layout mode

Choose to have a boxed or a wide layout for the whole site or only for those pages.

Area Classes

Play with classes on Areas to create unique content style

Animate Area

Play with classes on Areas to create unique content style

Incredible Options pages

Supermint is powered by a unique options system that let you customize many different part of the theme without any code